Pre-AP/Incentive Grade 9 Social Responsibility Requirement

In addition to being a place for academic learning, school is also a place where students become responsible social beings in a larger community and learn to contribute and take on leadership roles.
Consequently, the Pre-AP/Incentive Program requires every Grade 9 Pre-AP/Incentive student to complete 25 hours of volunteer work within the school community and/or in the community at large. This Program component is to be completed during the school year, and is coordinated through the Incentive English 9 class. Completing this volunteer component is a requirement of the Program, especially if the student wishes to be considered for a Pre-AP/Incentive Scholarship upon graduation from Grade 12 at Palmer.
Subsequent to their Pre-AP/Incentive Grade 9 year, students are encouraged to continue their volunteer contributions throughout high school. Under the current Ministry of Education Graduation Program, all students are also required to complete a cumulative 30-hour volunteer/work component during their Grade 10-12 years in order to graduate.
Students are also required to document their service/volunteer hours by using the Social Responsibility Contract. This contract form may be downloaded and printed at the link below.
Social Responsibility Contract (PDF)