Program Expectations

The Pre-AP/Incentive Program provides a number of unique opportunities that students are encouraged to make the most of and in order to ensure that students are representing the program well and passing on these learning experiences to their peers and community, Incentive students must meet a number of expectations and requirements in order to be accepted and remain in the program. These include:
1. Maintain an academic standing of Proficient or a B-letter grade average or above in all their courses.

2. Demonstrate exemplary attitude and effort, both in and outside of class, including excellent study habits and work ethic, as well as model citizenship in the school and local community. Students should also take an active role in their own learning and in their student life, and look for opportunities to better themselves and those around them.

3. Participation in the following extra-curricular activities (click here for a summary) are mandatory, including:
a. Grade 8-10 – October Multi-grade Camp
b. Grade 8 & 9 – Palmer Science Fair
c. Grade 8 – Camp Strathcona
d. Grade 9 – Social Responsibility Service Hours (see below)
e. Grade 10 – Oregon Performing Arts Trip

4. Students are also encouraged and expected to immerse themselves in some of the many extracurricular and leadership opportunities available at the school. These include joining school clubs as members or execs, taking on leadership roles in groups such as Student Council, and competing with the many Palmer sports teams.

Grade 9 Social Responsibility Service Hours

In addition to being a place for academic learning, school is also a place where students become responsible community members, learn to contribute to teams and groups, and take on leadership roles.
Consequently, the Pre-AP/Incentive Program requires every Grade 9 Pre-AP/Incentive student to earn the Palmer Service Award by completing a minimum of 30-hours of volunteer work to school clubs and events during the school year. Completing this volunteer component is a requirement of the Program, with service hours being a component for consideration of Pre-AP/Incentive Scholarship applicants.
Subsequent to their Pre-AP/Incentive Grade 9 year, students are encouraged to continue their volunteer contributions throughout high school. Under the current Ministry of Education Graduation Program, all students are also required to complete a cumulative 30-hour volunteer/work component during their Grade 10-12 years in order to graduate.
Students are also required to document their service/volunteer hours by using the Social Responsibility Contract. This contract form may be downloaded and printed at the link below.
Social Responsibility Contract (PDF)