Program Expectations

To enter and remain in the Pre-AP/Incentive Program, students are expected to maintain an academic standing of B or above and exhibit model citizenship and exemplary attitude and effort.
As a condition for admission to the program (and to maintain their status in the program from year-to-year), students are also required to participate in the extra-curricular camps and trips of the Pre-AP/Incentive Program. These include Camp Squamish, Camp Strathcona, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
The chart that follows illustrates the required involvements from Incentive students at each grade level.

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Students enrolled in the Pre-AP Math courses are required to take part in one major math contest each year.
Students in the Pre-AP/Incentive Science courses are required to undertake a major Science Fair project each year from Grade 8 to 9.
Pre-AP/Incentive students are also encouraged and expected to immerse themselves in some of the many extracurricular and leadership opportunities available at the school. These include clubs and activities such as Destination Imagination, Math Club, Griffins That Give, Debate Club, QCC (the Quantum Continuum Club), the Global Network Club, Student Council, as well as many others, and various sports teams.
Many of these clubs and activities take part in various local, regional, provincial, and even international competitions to stimulate the pursuit of excellence.
The Pre-AP/Incentive Program expects students within the program to take an active role in their own learning as well as in the life of the program and the school.