Debate Club

The debate tradition is alive and well at Palmer! As one of the only debate clubs operating in Richmond, this engaging group meets once a week after school for about two hours each meeting. During this time, students practice cross-examination and parliamentary debate styles, and hone their argument skills while discussing a variety of current and controversial topics. As a member of the Debate and Speech Association of BC, there are many opportunities for competitive and recreational debate as well. The skills developed in our club are excellent for use in classes where students need to organize information for writing and speaking presentations. Lastly, and most importantly…the Palmer Debate Club is just a whole lot of fun!

Please see Mrs. Coyle (Library or Room 209) if you have any questions or require more information.


The Palmer Junior debate team did an outstanding job at its first tournament of the 2013/14 school year, held at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver. After hours of hard work and practice, the team’s efforts were reflected in the results. Palmer sent out four of our junior members, Michael T. (Grade 10), Morris H. (Grade 10), Sarah C. (Grade 8) and Noreen V. (Grade 8). Firstly, the students debated on both sides of their prepared motion: BIRT (Be It Resolved That) schools should eliminate letter grades, and then ended off the day with an impromptu topic: BIRT hard contact sports should not be allowed and BIRT beauty pageants cause more harm than good. Palmer’s students debated head on with experienced students from different private schools from around Vancouver and did extremely well. All of Palmer’s debate team members ranked in the top 10 out of the 50 registered debaters. Michael T. and Morris H. ranked 4th place out of 25 teams, and Michael T. placed an astounding 5th place for top individual debater out of 50 students. Currently, we are eagerly preparing for our next BIG tournament at UBC in November. We are always looking for more students interested in joining our team. Way to go Palmer Debaters!

Palmer's Junior Debate Team & Student Coaches (L-R: Danlu L., Laura C., Michael T., Noreen V., Sarah C. & Morris H.)

Palmer’s Junior Debate Team & Student Coaches at the Novice Debate Tournament (L-R: Danlu L., Laura C., Michael T., Noreen V., Sarah C. & Morris H.)