Incentive Potluck

The Potluck is a celebration event held by the Incentive program, traditionally on the last Thursday in May. Incentive students can volunteer to perform during the Potluck, with performances taking place throughout the evening dinner. Parents and other family members are welcome and encouraged to attend. The Potluck is a fun environment where we celebrate the contributions and achievements of our students over the year.


2013/14 POTLUCK

The 2013/14 Potluck unfortunately had to be cancelled. However, a group of students still worked hard together to produce a slideshow celebrating the year’s Incentive events, camps and activities. Thanks to Bill C., Jocelyn T., Mary L., Vivien H., and Ashley C. for their great efforts in producing the slideshow, which may be viewed at the link below:


2012/13 POTLUCK

This year’s Incentive Potluck – held on Thursday, May 30, 2013  – was attended by close to 300 people, including students, parents and staff, which therefore made it the single largest Potluck gathering ever held at Palmer! During the evening, the year’s Incentive events and achievements were celebrated, interspersed with musical and other performances from many of the Incentive students in attendance. A great time and great food was enjoyed by all, and at the end, the traditional student-produced Incentive Slideshow capped the event. Thank you to all who attended this year’s Potluck, and a special thank you to all the students and staff who helped to coordinate and run the show! A list of all the members of the organizing committee as well as photos from the Potluck may be found at the end of the slideshow below.