Science Fair

Science Fair is an opportunity for Pre-AP/Incentive students from Grade 8-10 to apply what they have learned through hands-on research focusing on one particular research experiment in their interest area. Students work with a partner or on their own for several months leading up to the competition.

The process includes formulating a detailed topic proposal for approval, then doing the research and data analysis, and finally composing a display board to exhibit at the fair and for presentation to the judges . On the day of competition, the Science Fair is held in the lounge and is judged by senior Pre-AP/Incentive students and the Science teachers.

Students who do exceedingly well are then able to participate in the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair – or GVRSF – usually held at The University of British Columbia. At the Palmer fair, awards are presented for the top 3 projects as well as Honourable Mentions.

Winners at the GVRSF may proceed to the Canada-Wide Science Fair. Palmer students in Grade 11 and 12 are still able to participate in Science Fair and are eligible to win a $1000 entrance scholarship to the Faculty of Science at UBC.

Most recently, two Grade 9 Incentive students attended the GVRSF 2022 with one student going on to win the Structural Engineering Association of BC Young Members Group Award from the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair, GVRSF for his project on ” Soaking Up Oil Spills with Diapers.”

A second student won an overall Bronze Medal in the Intermediate Division at the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair along with a BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation AwardHer project was on creating the cellular matrix to grow artificial meat.
Congratulations to our science fair participants this year!

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