Science Fair


Science Fair is an opportunity for Pre-AP/Incentive students from Grade 8-10 to apply what they have learned through hands-on research focusing on one particular research experiment in their interest area. Students work with a partner or on their own for several months leading up to the competition.

The process includes formulating a detailed topic proposal for approval, then doing the research and data analysis, and finally composing a display board to exhibit at the fair and for presentation to the judges . On the day of competition, the Science Fair is held in the lounge and is judged by senior Pre-AP/Incentive students and the Science teachers.

Students who do exceedingly well are then able to participate in the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair – or GVRSF – usually held at The University of British Columbia. At the Palmer fair, awards are presented for the top 3 projects as well as Honourable Mentions.

Winners at the GVRSF may proceed to the Canada-Wide Science Fair. Palmer students in Grade 11 and 12 are still able to participate in Science Fair and are eligible to win a $1000 entrance scholarship to the Faculty of Science at UBC.

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Here are some results from past Science Fairs:

Palmer Science Fair 2014

Palmer at the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair 2014

Palmer at the Canada-Wide Science Fair 2014