Camp Squamish

Each year, the Incentive Grade 8′s, 9′s and 10′s are required to attend Camp Squamish for three days during Thanksgiving week in mid-October (Wednesday to Friday).

The focus of this camp is peer bonding and teamwork within and between grades, and the camp is a great opportunity for those students who are new to the program to get to know one another. At camp, students are assigned into one of three houses – Cheakamus, Chilcotin, or Cowichan – and into one of three teams within each house. Each team consists of approximately three students from each grade level, who then go through the various camp activities together.

A mentor is also assigned to each team; this mentor is a carefully selected Grade 11 or 12 Incentive/AP student whose responsibility is to facilitate the team’s development and progress through the camp activities. The activities are designed to provide friendly competition between teams, as well as opportunities for students to develop or increase their leadership skills, teamwork, responsibility, and intellectual abilities. Traditionally, activities include art, music, team building, instant problem solving, a simulation game, or a treasure hunt that requires critical thinking.

At the end of camp, medals are awarded to each member of the top team, and the top house is awarded the Grafton Cup.

The Camp Squamish trip costs approximately $300 per student (prices may change according to circumstances).

Behavioral Expectations

Throughout the trip, students are expected to be mindful, polite and respectful to each other and to all staff, as well as to the resident staff who work at Camp Squamish. As on any trip, Incentive students are expected to be model citizens and ambassadors for the program and the school. In addition, safety is our main concern, and we will do all that we can to keep students safe from injury or otherwise. However, students must also be responsible and careful with any and all equipment used at Camp Squamish, and must strictly adhere to all safety information and training provided.