Camp Strathcona

Camp Strathcona is a required trip for Incentive Grade 8 students, and optional for Incentive Grade 9s. This trip traditionally takes place during the last week of April, and is a great way to foster a student’s personal growth in areas such as teamwork, risk-taking, goal-setting, adaptability and challenge acceptance. Students travel to Strathcona Park Lodge, which is located on the shores of Upper Campbell Lake, halfway up beautiful Vancouver Island. While at Camp Strathcona, Incentive students have the opportunity to learn skills not normally taught in the classroom setting, such as canoeing, kayaking, and rock climbing. The trip takes place from Monday to Friday (5 days, 4 nights), and costs approximately $570 per student (prices may change according to circumstances).


Students learn a variety of outdoor skills on this trip, such as kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing (rappelling), and hiking. There is also a high rope and low rope course, where students are challenged to traverse distances via rope bridges (while safely strapped into harnesses). While at Camp Strathcona, one of the nights will be spent on an outdoor camping trip, where students learn to put up a tent, start a fire without matches, and cook over a campfire. Also, on the overnight trip, students get to focus on one activity or outdoor skill which they’ve chosen to develop further.

Behavioural Expectations

Throughout the trip, students are expected to be mindful, polite, and respectful to each other and to all staff, as well as to the specialist outdoor camp leaders who are provided by Strathcona Park Lodge. As on any trip, Incentive students are expected to be model citizens and ambassadors for the program and the school. In addition, safety is our main concern, and we will do all that we can to keep students safe from injury or otherwise. However, students must also be responsible and careful with any and all equipment used at the lodge, and must strictly adhere to all safety information and training provided.

Click on the following links to access an information letter for Camp Strathcona as well as a packing list of required equipment.

Camp Strathcona Information Letter

Adventure Program Equipment List