Program Philosophy

The Pre-AP/Incentive Program is a cross-grade, cross-curricular program designed to challenge motivated students to reach their full potential.
Although the main focus of the program is to develop academic excellence within our students, a wide variety of other important personal developmental areas are also embraced, including opportunities for leadership, outdoor and physical education, and community service – all designed to advance the mental, physical, and social well-being of our students.
Ultimately, the goal is to provide students with a well-rounded educational experience so that they are best prepared for the rigors of post-secondary education (such as university or college).
Specifically, the aims of the Pre-AP/Incentive Program are to encourage and stimulate the following characteristics within our students: self-reliance and self-discipline; perseverance and determination; initiative and creativity; social responsibility and leadership; the pursuit of excellence; the spirit of adventure; and fitness of body and mind.