Excerpt from the QCC website:

QCC is a continuously developing non-profit organization with the purpose to encourage, inspire, andeducate people to their highest potential by building a strong community and creating dynamic networks for leadership and service.

Our beginnings were in a group of “keeners” and friends – students, alumni, teachers and community members – working together to apply our diverse gifts in leadership and in service. Keeners because we want to live everyday to the fullest; friends because we believe that true fulfillment cannot be had in isolation. Behind it all is the sincere conviction that every single one of us has the potential to succeed in ways unique unto ourselves. At the same time that QCC celebrates individual quirks and talents, it also recognizes the passing doubts and uncertainties that can make us all falter at times. This is why we are dedicated to building a strong network that will be able to support and uphold us all both in times of need and in times of triumph. Ultimately, we want to bring the QCC spirit into the wider community by helping others, and setting an active example in developing leaders and generating opportunities and events for service, leadership, and community building.

Some of our major projects and events include: the Mentoring Program, seminars, various socials, leadership retreats/camps, innovations such as Critical Creativity, the Rising Stars Awards and Scholarships program, the Science Division, team activities such as Dragon Boat and the annual Rising Stars Banquet and Conference – a celebration of the journey of our interconnected lives.