Science Team

The Palmer Science Team consists of students from grade 8 to 12 who love challenges. Joining the Science Team is the perfect way to express your scientific side, as well as to get to know new people who share the same interests. Palmer has both a junior science team (grade 8-10) and a senior science team (grade 11-12). Throughout the school year, the teams meet regularly after school to prepare for the competition events. The science teams compete in events such as the Kwantlen Science Challenge, UBC Physics Olympics, and UBC Junior physics engineer competition against other schools throughout British Columbia (mainly schools in the Lower Mainland). The competition requires students to have innovative thinking, to come up with cool designs, and in-depth knowledge about the three fields of science–Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
Below is a link of the Palmer senior science team competing at Kwantlen in 2011. The challenge was to design an air pressure powered bottle rocket.