Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement Program consists of a set of first-year university/college level courses geared towards academically talented and motivated high school students who intend to pursue post-secondary education. It is administered by The College Board, the US-based organization that also administers the SAT exams. Students who write the official AP Exam for the AP course in which they are enrolled may use their exam score (minimum of 4 on a 5-point scale, although some post-secondary institutions accept a score of 3) to gain credit and/or advanced placement in various post-secondary institutions around the world. The three major BC universities (UBC, SFU and UVIC) all accept students with AP credit. For more detailed information about AP course credits and/or advanced placement consideration at various BC post-secondary institutions, visit For more detailed information about AP course credit/acceptance around the world, visit
Advanced Placement benefits students in a number of ways:
• Provides students with both acceleration and enrichment
• Provides students the opportunity to learn with other highly capable and motivated students
• Provides students with opportunities to experience rigorous and academically challenging courses – similar to what they would experience at university/college – while still in high school
• Allows students to develop the study skills, habits and discipline needed for university while still in high school
• Provides university courses for free, except for the College Board AP Exam fee (most first year courses cost between $350 – $500)
• Provides students with an opportunity to gain advance credit or placement – or course exemption – at many colleges and universities around the world
Palmer has historically offered one of the most comprehensive and successful AP programs in the Richmond School District. The large majority of Palmer students who go on to write the AP Exams each year tend to score 4 or 5 out of 5 on these exams, and are thus well-prepared for the rigors of university or college education.
Traditionally, the AP courses offered annually (and run in-class, on-timetable) at Palmer include AP Calculus (AB and BC), AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP English and AP Biology. In addition, courses such as AP Statistics, AP Psychology and AP Computer Studies receive teacher support/mentorship via an IDS (Independent Directed Study) block. Other AP courses may also be taken through IDS with outside mentorship under the direction of the IDS teacher.
To apply for one or more AP courses at Palmer, please go to “Application Process” on the top menu bar, and click on “Advanced Placement” in the drop-down menu for more information, as well as a link to the application form (a recommendation form that must be completed in part by your teacher in the prerequisite course).