Palmer hosts the 2014 DI Tournament

The 2014 BCDI Provincial Tournament was held at Palmer on Saturday, April 12th, attended by over 80 student teams and around 800 people. Hosted by a small army of Palmer Incentive students under the coordination of Palmer teachers Ms. Kwan and Mr. Wong, the day-long tournament ran ultra-smoothly, and Palmer’s Incentive students earned much praise and many compliments from BCDI and the tournament attendees.

DI is an international creative problem solving enrichment and competition program that allows students from Grades 3 to 12 to work in teams to solve complex Challenges, and to present their solutions to these Challenges at tournaments from the regional to the global level. Palmer has a long and successful tradition with DI, having run the extracurricular program and fielding many successful teams since the mid-1980’s, and having sent numerous teams to the Global Finals.

This year, Palmer had two teams competing at the Provincial Tournament. Mr.Sidhu’s team (“A LoL in the Action”) competed in the Fine Arts challenge while Ms. Henrickson and Mr. Chan’s team (“CORNTOS”) competed in the Scientific challenge. Both teams had been working since October building their own props and sets, writing their own scripts, and solving their DI challenge. Both teams did very well and were invited to attend the DI Global Finals Tournament in Knoxville, Tennessee during the third week of May, but declined due to the high cost of travel.

Following this article are some pictures from the Provincial Tournament at Palmer. Kudos and good work to all the Palmer team members and volunteers!

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