2016 University of Waterloo Math Contest Results

The official results have arrived from the University of Waterloo for the Pascal, Cayley and Fermat Math Contests. These contests were written back in February by approximately 85 Palmer Grade 8, 9, 10 and 11 students.

On the Grade 11 Fermat Contest, congratulations to Brian H., Morris H. and Frank F. as the top three students at Palmer, and to Brian as the school champion. Palmer’s Fermat team placed 5th out of the 14 schools in our zone of Richmond-Delta.

On the Grade 10 Cayley Contest, the top three Palmer students are Jason B., Beckett Z. and Paul Z., and congratulations to Jason as the school champion. The Cayley team placed 4th in Richmond-Delta.

And on the Grade 9 Pascal Contest (also written by Grade 8 students), the top three Palmer students are Jonathan C. in Grade 8 (who is also the school champion), followed by Frank W. and Liang L. in Grade 9. The Pascal team placed FIRST in our zone, thus earning a Zone Championship! In addition, Palmer’s Grade 9 team made the Canadian Honour Roll by placing 33rd out of the 1300 schools in Canada that wrote the Pascal Contest.

On each of the three contests, Palmer students who place in the top 25% of all the contestants in Canada will receive a Certificate of Distinction at the Awards Ceremony in June. The names of these students will be posted shortly outside Mr. Wong’s room.

Congratulations to all of Palmer’s Math contest award winners and contestants!