University of Waterloo Math Contests (2017)

On Tuesday, February 28th, 2017, over 100 Palmer students (joined by a few Grade 7 students who have been attending our Junior Math Club meetings) wrote the annual University of Waterloo Math contests for Grades 8-11 (the Pascal Contest for Grades 8 and 9; Cayley Contest for Grade 10; and Fermat Contest for Grade 11). Students were packed into Palmer’s main lounge for the 8:30AM start of the one-hour contest, and they busily spent the next hour calculating and problem-solving their way to the solutions. Contest papers were then sent away to the University of Waterloo for marking and statistical analysis, and results should be known by mid-April. Certificate awards will be presented in each contest to students who place in the top 25% of all students who wrote the contests in Canada. In addition, the top student at Palmer on each contest will be presented with a school champion medal. Top schools in each zone, province, or in the country may earn championship plaques.