Off to Canada Wide Science Fair

Let’s cheer Mohammed (Mo) Al-Seragi on as he is going to the Canada Wide Science Fair in Ottawa, May 16-18, 2018 as part of Team BC.  He will face off against the best of the best in Canada after winning Gold and the selection at the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair.

After winning honorable mention last year, Mo was motivated to do better this year.  He saw the level of research that was needed and intended to meet (and beat) those expectations.   His lead removal project is both innovative and can potentially be used commercially.   It contributes to dealing with the problem of lead in our water systems.

Mo is the fifth Gold-winning project from Palmer to be selected to the national competition in 12 years.  All have returned with the top prize(s) in their categories.  We think Mo can do the same if we cheer him on!

Incentive student awarded Gold medal at Greater Regional Science Fair