Incentive students earn perfect score on provincial exams

All of Palmer’s Pre-AP/Incentive Program students did very well on their June 2014 Provincial Examinations. Of special note, Palmer had a record number of our Pre-AP/Incentive Program and Honours Math Program students scoring 100% on these Provincial Exams. Congratulations and kudos to the following students for this outstanding achievement!

Foundations & PreCalculus Mathematics 10:

  • Jessica D., Tina F., Emily G., Morris H., Rachel K., Vandy L. and Emma L.
  • In addition, both Emily G. and Ashley Y. (who scored 99% on the Provincial Exam) achieved scores of 100% on their overall course mark (which combines the school mark and provincial exam mark). Congratulations on attaining this excellent and rarely-accomplished feat!
Pre-AP/Incentive & Honours Math Program students who scored 100% on the June 2014 Foundations & PreCalculus Math 10 Provincial Exam

Science 10:

  • Ray L. and Ashley Y.
Ray L. and Ashley Y. achieved perfect scores on the June 2014 Science 10 Provincial Exam!