Palmer Science Fair 2015

Approximately 90 Grade 8 to 10 Pre-AP/Incentive Science students competed in Palmer’s 9th Annual Science Fair on Thursday, January 29, 2015. Each year, Palmer’s Science Fair provides students with opportunities to gain experience in long-term planning and scientific experimental design. Over a period of three months, students work diligently to have their projects ready for presentation at the end of January.

The format mirrors that of university style formal labs with three categories of projects: Experiments, Studies and Innovation/Inventions. Included in this year’s Science Fair were projects about video game addictions, magnetic missile launchers, edible water bottles, and many more.

Under the direction of Palmer’s Science teachers, 40 senior students took on the responsibilities of judging, compiling scores and coordinating the event. In addition, approximately 200 elementary school students and other community members came by to view the projects. Included among the spectators were Richmond School District Superintendent Monica Pamer, as well as Assistant Superintendent Wendy Lim.

Kudos to all those who participated and congratulations to the winners!