Incentive Grad selected for International Linguistics Olympiad National team

In his final year at Palmer and in Incentive, Kevin Yan added another success to his myriad of math accolades, becoming one of the top six highest-scoring Canadian students in the 2022 NACLO Invitational Round and being invited to join the Canada Anglophone team at the 2022 International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL), hosted in the Isle of Man, UK.

The Linguistics Olympiad combines language, linguistics, and logic into a multitude of puzzles and problem sets for students to solve. Kevin’s experience in the Palmer Math Club competing on and coaching math contest teams has undoubtedly provided him with the skills necessary to tackle the IOL.

Kevin’s math journey at Palmer began in Grade 6, when he was invited to join Palmer’s Math club despite his young age. Consistently ranking in the Top 10 at every annual Math Challengers provincial contest, Kevin expanded to become a Math Club coach to help share his knowledge with the younger students.

Kevin has also found the time to study and complete an astounding nine AP courses and exams in the run up to his graduation this year. We wish Kevin all the best as he travels to the UK this summer to compete alongside his other Canadian teammates.