Congratulations to Palmer students at GVRSF!

This past April 13-15, 2023 was the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair which seven Grade 8 and four Grade 9 students participated in. Despite the long days, the students came away with some very positive experiences with the campus tours and some very helpful feedback from the judges.

The students worked hard to refine their projects from the Palmer Science Fair in February and many of them earned medals and/or awards for their efforts!

The GVRSF recognized the following students:

Grade 8
Derek Li & Zack Li – Bronze Medal
Eason Wang & George Guan – Bronze Medal
Romina Paridel – Silver Medal, BC Game Developers Innovation Award, Science World Award
Yana Choudhary – Silver Medal, Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology Award, Engineers and Geoscientists of BC Award

Grade 9
Janice Chen – Silver Medal
Jennifer You – Honourable Mention

A well-deserved congratulations to all the students that attended!